Michael Ray Bower Is a Single Celebrity Entity Available For Many Functions Including But Not Limited To, Entertainment Performance,Personal Appearences,Interviews,Press/Hosting Events, Etc..
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All Request For Such Events As Stated Above Must Come Through Professional Correct Channels Per Agent/Manager/Publicist. In The Event Your Job/Marketing Adventure is on a Lower-Scale Contact Shall Be Granted With Said Performer Through Email
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Contracts Are Negotiable Only After Both Parties Agree On Performance/Event. If You Have Your Own Contracts/Lawyers Then Negotiations Will Commence With Said Parties.
If You Need Basic Contracts For Negotiating With Michael Here Is A Few.
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Packages/Treatments Need Media/Info To Present an Entertainer/Celeb For Their Publications/Press/Interviews. Below Are Some Legally Approved Michael Ray Bower Items For Use In Any Conjuction With Promoting Michael.
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The Use Of Unauthorized Photo Or Media Can Result In Legal Action.
With Love & Humble Respects
Michael Ray Bower